Our Process

Our process is a tried and tested formula for creating compelling, executable, and predictable results. The average production time can vary between 3-8 business weeks depending on the complexity, amount of casting involved, location selection, and so on. We’ll keep you posted and engaged throughout the process to ensure the creative is executed just the way you want but also exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to narrate stories that have a compelling impact on your target audience.


Every video we create begins with a Creative Brief. It helps gather the most significant data about the company we’re about to team up with! For this, we initiate a call or simply ask you to fill out a getting-to-know-you questionnaire. The call is to broadly learn about your goals, preferences, ideas, target audience, and demographics. This enables us to curate the best possible video exclusively for you.


Firstly, to tell the world your story or about your product in the form of an explainer video, we need to understand it. The information you provide on our first interaction is analyzed and compiled to form a script ideal to create the first awesome impression on your target audience. Keeping in mind your target audience, and demographics, about 1-2 rough script concepts are prepared for you to choose from. We can also work on the script you provide. On approval of the script concept, we make the necessary changes, if any, and then proceed to write a detailed script.


With the entire story in hand, we bring your big idea to life by creating the storyboard. It is a pictorial representation of an explainer video that shows every scene with depictions of actions and transitions. This will help you visualize the final video. However, it’s time-consuming, storyboard creation is an important step and helps our illustrators make a design layout efficiently.


This step involves designing each frame. With this, you will be able to visualize the characters of the video. Even if you are confused about what you exactly want, style frames will assist you to choose the ultimate style of your prospective explainer video. We typically combine rough drawings and style designs to create illustrations for subsequent videos.


A voice that creates trust not only is a benefit, but also essential in order to encourage a viewer to take the next step. A great voice-over carries important tasks like narrating, highlighting, explaining, or providing additional context to what a viewer sees. Voice-over has an important role to play in the video and has to be recorded before the work on the final video begins. Typically, a 60-second animated video consists of 150-170 words.


The explainer video is animated once appropriate illustrations and voice-over have been chosen. To make your video magnetically eye-catching and engaging, an amalgamation of various styles is used. Once the internal animation and revision work is done, the video is ready to be delivered to you for feedback!

Music and sound design

Combining the visuals with sound effects and background music creates an engaging ambiance for the viewer. It gives a bit of a new context and helps create a life-changing experience for the audience.

From start to finish, producing animated videos is a complicated process that requires attention to detail at every step. If a step is missing, the final video may not produce the expected results for your audience. At Brizy Owl we do everything we can to provide the best quality videos to upscale your business. Honestly, it's amazing how animated explainer videos can help your business stand out. If you want to create one for your business, we can help you.